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Improving Your Life: The Linux Advantage

Updated: 17-Nov-2015

Yes, it's a bit of a stretch to think of a computer operating system (OS) improving your life. By the end of this article you'll agree that, if you do it right, using free software can do just that. At the very least, it can save you some money. That would improve your life, wouldn't it?

You don't need to be on a budget to want to use free software. Sure, using free software is the perfect solution for those of us trying to stay on a strict budget. But what if you are in the fortunate position to be able to go out and spend money on a shiny new computer? This article presents several reasons you might choose to use free, Open Source software to run your computer instead of using the latest operating system from Microsoft, Apple or Google.

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Hidden Hassles, Hidden Costs

Purchasing a new computer often comes with some significant hidden costs. Before I switched to Linux, I would put off purchasing a new computer, or I would simply consider reducing the quality of the computer I could afford. I was being cautious because I knew that any new computer would come with the latest operating system, and I knew that my existing proprietary application software would likely need an expensive upgrade to work with the latest Microsoft OS. (The same is true for the Apple OS, by the way.) Before making the purchase, I would have to check whether I had an old printer, scanner, monitor, iPod, or (insert other expensive peripheral device here) that wouldn't be supported under the new OS. Today's modern Linux is more likely to support older hardware than proprietary operating systems, and the vast majority of application software for Linux is updated and upgraded for free. So using Linux on your new computer can reduce the stress caused by worrying about hardware and software obsolescence.

Life Hacks, Life Upgrades

After all, why would you spend money on unnecessary upgrades when you could use that money to improve your life? By not spending money on your operating system, application software upgrades and pointless hardware upgrades, here are some additional life-improving things you can do with that cash:

  1. Buy a better computer. Use the money you would be spending on needlessly upgrading your application software and hardware to buy a better, faster, sexier computer.
  2. If you are graphic artist, use the money to upgrade your monitor or creative tools. Or get your monitor calibrated.
  3. If you are a podcaster, voiceover talent, audiobook narrator or Youtube contributor, upgrade your microphone, buy a mixer, or install soundproofing in your studio. If you create videos, get better lighting or upgrade your camera, or take public speaking lessons.
  4. Buy a book, or a library of books! Take this opportunity to read and learn more about Linux and open source applications, how to become a world famous writer, how to become a podcaster or how to improve your diet. There are plenty of possibilities.
  5. Take an online class. Improve your skills at whatever you do. Maybe it'll get you a better job.
  6. Put the extra money in the bank. You never know when you'll need some extra cash.

Whatever you decide to do, installing Linux on your new computer can improve your life in the ways we've suggested, and countless other ways.

Improving your life is a Linux advantage.

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