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We Believe In You

Do you want to be able to simply use your computer and have it do what you want? How about tailor the way it looks, works and behaves so it shows your personality? Or maybe make it work exactly the way you want, by writing your own applications or improving how the software works? If any of that sounds like you, then we've got what you need. We believe that Linux is the single, best qualified operating system in the world for giving you the control over technology to ensure that your technology works for you and not the other way around. We believe that we at Going Linux should use what we know, and share the great works of others to help you do just that. We help you take control of your technology.

We Are Informative

Quoted in publications such as InfoWorld, we provide, practical, step-by-step instructions for our listeners and readers. We try to keep the podcast to a maximum of two main topics per episode. As much as possible we describe how to do things using only the graphical user interface (GUI). We try to steer clear of the "geeky" command line unless it is the only way to do something, or if it is significantly simpler than using the GUI. Listen to our promo to hear more:

We Are Reliable

We publish two episodes each and every month. Listener Feedback on about the 5th and User Experience on about the 20th.

User ExperienceIn the User Experience episodes we often take two months to cover a topic.
Month one: A general introduction to a topic, including areas of interest to switchers from other operating systems.
Month two: A more advanced perspective. For users of Linux trying to build their confidence and competence with the Linux operating system and its applications.

Listener FeedbackBetween User Experience episodes we read and answer Listener Feedback and provide additional tips on using Linux and its applications.

We Are Popular

You are one of over 30,000 unique visitors that read or listen to our content each month. Whether you are new to Linux, moving from Windows to Linux, or simply thinking about moving to Linux, this podcast will provide you with valuable information and advice that will help you in "Going Linux."

"5 of 5. This is a real great podcast for Linux newbies and power users, the whole podcast is based on using the Linux desktop applications."Tux University

We Are Top-rated

Going Linux is a consistently top-rated technology program on the Internet and is routinely a top 100 Linux program on streaming sites like Stitcher

Every Day Linux User rated us 5th of their "Top 9 Linux Podcasts".

"The show is a more formal affair and the hosts have a good level of knowledge with regards to Linux."Gary Newell (2014)
We were rated 5th of "9 Linux podcasts you should follow" on NetworkWorld.
"...very laid back, focusing on how-to's and good information for those new to Linux."Bryan Lunduke (2013)

Consistently in the top 10 of the over 4,000 Technology podcasts.
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