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2015 Screencasts:

Ju1 07: #008 - Installing and Using VeraCrypt

2014 Screencasts:

Oct 21: Tutorial - Sonar Linux Introduction
Jan 02: #007 - Partitioning a Hard Drive using GParted

2013 Screencasts:

Jan 24: #006 - Using Audacity To Edit Multi-Track Audio

2009 Screencasts:

Aug 24: #005 - Connecting a Linux printer
Aug 02: #004 - Installing Linux from a LiveCD
Jul 07:  #003 - Burning A Linux CD
Jun 25: #002 - Using Audacity To Edit An Audio Podcast
Jun 06: #001 - Using Audacity To Record An Audio Podcast

Screencast #008 - Installing and Using VeraCrypt

This screencast provides a tutorial on installing and setting up VeraCrypt to store files in an encrypted volume, and sharing that volume in a DropBox folder. VeraCrypt is High Security Disk Encryption software that picks up from where the classic TrueCrypt application left off. It can mount your old TrueCrypt volumes and allows you to convert TrueCrypt containers and non-system partitions to the VeraCrypt format.

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Tutorial: Sonar Linux Introduction

This video was produced for the Sonar GNU/Linux project, an accessible operating system focused on assistive technology.

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Screencast #007 - Partitioning a Hard Drive using GParted

This screencast demonstrates how to partition a hard drive with the GParted partition editor. GParted (gparted.org)allows you to manage disk partitions graphically. It can be used to create new disk partitions, to shink or grow existing partitions and even to attempt data rescue from lost partitions.
The SystemRescueCd (www.sysresccd.org) is a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick that includes GParted amongst its many system tools. Many Linux live installation disks also include the GParted partition editor.

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Screencast #006 - Using Audacity To Edit Multi-Track Audio

This screencast was originally produced as a tutorial at the request of Knightwise of the knightwise.com podcast. Larry describes how to use some of the advanced features and plug-ins in Audacity to edit multi-track audio recordings. He discusses noise removal, the noise gate, and using audio compressor. You can use all of this in place of "The Levelator" and with much more control over what settings are used to clean up the audio.

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Screencast #005 - Connecting a Linux Printer

Learn how to install a printer on your Linux computer. We install a parallel printer, a USB printer, and a networked printer. (LaserJet 2100 and OfficeJet 6110 are the examples.)

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Screencast #004 - Install Linux from a LiveCD

*Permanently* eliminate Windows viruses and malware: Use a Linux LiveCD to install the operating system on your computer. Our example is Linux Mint 7, but the same process is used with almost all Linux distributions that have installable LiveCDs. NOTE: Although the Linux operating system is not susceptible to the vast majority of malware (i.e. malware written specifically for Windows) it is not immune from malware or viruses that are written to attack the Linux operating system. Always practice safe computing.

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Screencast #003 - Burning A Linux CD

Learn how to create a Linux LiveCD from a downloaded ISO image file. This how-to illustrates using Windows 2000 + Easy CD, Ubuntu 8.10 + Brasero, and Ubuntu 9.04 + K3B to create the CD. Using Windows XP, Vista and 7 are discussed.

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Screencast #002 - Using Audacity To Edit An Audio

Learn how to edit your audio podcast using the popular cross-platform audio recording software, Audacity.

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Screencast #001 - Using Audacity To Record An Audio Podcast

Learn how to use the cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) audio recording software, Audacity, to record a podcast.

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