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Using the Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique

Updated: 07-May-2018

There are several ways to obtain software from the Ubuntu MATE software catalog. Ubuntu MATE's own Software Boutique is a carefully curated selection of the best-in-class applications from the Ubuntu repositories, chosen because they integrate well, complement Ubuntu MATE and enable you to personalize your computing experience. When you first install Ubuntu MATE, the Software Boutique is the main graphical application you will use to install software. Other applications are also available to explore the complete Ubuntu software catalog. You have full access to the entire library at any time using the command line, but in order to obtain software from the complete software catalog using a graphical application that lets you browse through it, you will need to enable one or more of the software center applications from within the Software Boutique.

The Software Boutique

The Software Boutique's curated selection of the most popular applications lets you:

Installing applications using the Software Boutique

  1. To launch the Software Boutique from the menus, choose Menu ▸ Administration ▸ Software Boutique.
  2. One easy way to discover applications is to click one of the icons across the top that represent categories and scroll through the list and read the description for more information.
  3. If you know the name of the package you want to install, click the magnifying glass (search) icon at the top right to begin a search.

    The Software Boutique Search
  4. When you find an application you want to install, click the Install button. Your application will not be installed immediately. It will be added to bulk queue.
  5. To view the list of all applications you added to the queue, click the icon to the left of the search icon, the bulk queue icon.
  6. Click the Apply Changes button to begin installing the applications in the list.
  7. You will be notified when the installations have completed, and you will be able to close the Software Boutique.
    The Software Boutique Apply Changes

Installing Other Software Repositories

If you don't find what you're looking for in the Software Boutique, install one of the available Software Centers to explore the complete Ubuntu software catalog. Choose the "More Software" category using the icons across the top of the Software Boutique's main window. The selection labeled simply "Software" installs a graphical application that lets you browse, install and update additional software applications and system extensions from the Ubuntu software repositories.

The Synaptic Package Manager is a graphical package management application that lets you install software onto your computer and manage the software that is already installed. It allows you to search, install, upgrade, and remove packages using the software repositories. It also lets you add more software sources, modify repository settings, view changelogs, and even lock a package to a specific version.

Ubuntu MATE always has security in mind. Regardless of how you choose to install software, you are always asked for your password before anything can be installed.

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