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Social Media Strategies for Linux (and other) Podcasters

Updated: 27-Mar-2015

This article focuses on the Linux podcaster, but it can be applied to anyone who is using the Internet to market any idea to customers, build an audience of listeners, develop users or attract subscribers.

Become an Expert

Or at least develop some expertise in your area of interest. Make sure that the topic you are supporting is something in which you have a keen interest. Your hobby or area of specialty in your employment might be topics that fit these criteria. If you are interested in the topic, and you are helping other people to use or understand that topic, you will be learning more as you provide that help. Even if you don’t start as an expert, you will eventually become one.

Remember, no matter how little you know about something, you know more than some people. It is those people that you can help. They well see you as more expert than they are.

On your blog or website

You have a blog or a website, right? Create content in the form of posts or articles that establish your credibility as an expert on the topic of Linux.

Establish a YouTube channel

Create Links TO Your Website

Create posts on OTHER sites that link back to your sites and articles. By creating links to your site from other sites you increase your ranking on search engines.

Create an eNewsletter

Create an email newsletter for prospective listeners, subscribers and customers. A newsletter can be an excellent source of new podcast listeners as well as a communication vehicle for existing listeners and subscribers.

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