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Konqueror's Web Shortcuts

Updated: 11-Mar-2007

One of our favorite advanced features of Konqueror goes by the name of Web Shortcuts. These work somewhat like a search bar, but I find them much more efficient in terms of being more "granular" in what you are searching for.

If enabled, a web shortcut let's you specify a particular topic, phrase or domain to search. For example, Serge programs a lot in python, so if he needs to look up something from the python documentation, say what the "set" module does, he would enter the following in the location bar:

py: set

and then hit return. This would provide a listing of all the web pages in the python docs that refer to sets.

The web shortcuts feature has to be enabled for this to work. To do this, from within Konqueror:

  1. From the Konqueror menus, select Settings, Configure Konqueror.
  2. From the scrollable list of icons on the left side, select Web Shortcuts.
  3. Check the Enable Web Shortcuts checkbox on the right.
  4. From the scrollable list on the right, choose the different types of shortcuts you want to enable. Note the abbreviations you will use for the shortcut.

Some shortcuts you might want to enable include:

gg for google
ggn for google news
wp for wikipedia

Web Shortcuts
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