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Change Password and Full Name in Ubuntu MATE

Updated: 25-Aug-2019

Users switching from one operating system (Windows, macOS, Chrome, Linux) to another often find that it's the simple things where they need help. Like changing your user information. This article provides the step-by-step for changing your password and basic user information.

Change Your Password

  1. From the menus, select Menu > Preferences > About Me.
    About Me menu selection
  2. Click the Change Password button.
    About Me dialog box
    Note: If you click the big button to the left of your name, you can select an icon or a profile picture and it will appear next to your name when you log in.
  3. Enter your current password and then click the Authenticate button.
    Enter current and new password.
  4. Enter your new password in each of the two password fields and click Change password

Change Your Full Name (Display Name)

  1. From the menus, select Menu > Administration > Users and Groups.
    Users and Groups menu selection
  2. Enter the name your full name as you want it to be displayed and click OK to save your change.
  3. Unfortunately, the dialog box displays both the term "Full Name" and the term "user name." These should not be confused with the term "username." What you are changing here is your full name that is used to identify you throughout Linux.

Change "username" (Login Name) and Home Folder

Changing your username, the login name that Linux knows you by when you log in and in the terminal, is not something you can do graphically. You will need to use a couple of commands in a terminal to accomplish this. This article on the Ask Ubuntu website explains the how and the why.


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