1.4.1 Ubuntu MATE Welcome

Ubuntu MATE Welcome is a utility unique to Ubuntu MATE that helps orientate users with their new operating system. It guides users through post-install configuration such as installing drivers and adding language support. Welcome provides a one-click installation from a highly curated list of best-in-class software to "get stuff done".

Introduce new users to the operating system

    • · Highlight key features of Ubuntu MATE and GNU/Linux.
    • · Provide quick guidelines on getting started.
    • · Provide quick installation guidance.
    • · Inform users of their system's specifications.

Grow the Ubuntu MATE Community

    • · Links to the community forums and social networks.
    • · Inform of Ubuntu MATE branded products for sale.
    • · Provide details on donating to the project.

Software Boutique

    • · From a pick of Ubuntu MATE's recommended software tested for the distribution.
    • · Simple tools to manage packages on the system.
    • · Install a package manager, such as Ubuntu Software Center.

The installation options include Steam, Google Chrome, Dropbox, Spotify, Syncthing, Telegram, uGet, Minecraft, Gimp (with CMYK support), InSync, SpiderOakONE, Skype, Google Music Manager, VeraCrypt, Ubuntu SDK, Codecs, libdvdcss2, VirtualBox 5.0, AppGrid, Ubuntu Software Centre and many others.