2.5.1 The Ubuntu MATE Website

The Ubuntu MATE website, located at https://ubuntu-mate.org provides a wealth of information. It provides lots of details about the operating system and even a few screenshots to give you a feel for how it looks.


Click the About link for a page that breaks down what exactly Ubuntu MATE is in easy to understand language.


The Blog link reveals the place where the Ubuntu MATE project leaders thank the community for its support of Ubuntu MATE, make announcements, and provide updates on planned releases.


Click the Community link for ways you can connect with the Ubuntu MATE community. For additional information about the Ubuntu MATE Community see the next topic in this help.


Click the Download link to get the latest release of Ubuntu MATE to install on your computer, or give to your friends to try on their computers.


The Team link lists the troupe of all-star international caberet artists responsible for making Ubuntu MATE a thing.


The Shop link reveals the "Ubuntu MATE Boutique" where you can purchase Entroware computers, pre-installed with Ubuntu MATE, shirts, jackets, mugs, stickers and more!