1.4.3 Document Management

Ubuntu MATE makes printing, scanning and saving documents almost easier than creating them. All the software you are likely to need is pre-installed for the most popular printers and scanners, so setting up your hardware is easy, too.


Printing on Ubuntu MATE is simple and easy. The most popular printer drivers are already provided in Ubuntu MATE's Linux kernel. In most cases you simply connect your printer via USB cable and Ubuntu MATE immediately configures it for use. Printing to a network printer is almost as easy. Read more about printing.

For added control, you can install the HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP) utility from the Ubuntu MATE Welcome application or from the Software Boutique. Read more about HPLIP.


The Simple Scan application, found in the Ubuntu MATE menus at Applications ▸ Graphics ▸ Simple Scan, provides a simple and easy way to scan your documents. Once you scanner is connected via USB or over the network, configuration is usually automatic. Load your document, press Simple Scan's Scan button, then save the image. For help topics on this application, see the Simple Scan manual.

PDF Creation

Whether you are scanning a page, writing a book, or saving a web page, PDF creation on Ubuntu MATE is built-in. Most applications provide a menu selection to Save As PDF or Export to PDF. If the application you use does not offer one of those options, you can always print the document as a PDF file. Ubuntu MATE has PDF printing built-in.