2.5.2 The Ubuntu MATE Community

Posing your question to the Ubuntu MATE Community is the fastest and easiest way to get answers about how to use Ubuntu MATE.

The Community page on the Ubuntu MATE website provides options in three categories for getting involved.


Join the conversation and get involved. Stop by to share your experiences, ask questions and discuss topics with other users and developers in our growing community.

Ubuntu MATE also has its own IRC channel, #ubuntu-mate, on the Freenode network. The #ubuntu-mate channel is also home to matey, probably the smartest IRC bot in the world, EVER!

Social Networks

Ubuntu MATE is active on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


This is where you can get involved with Ubuntu MATE and with MATE Desktop development.

Found a Bug? This is where you'll find a link to submit your detailed and reproducible bug reports to Launchpad so that the relevant developers can fix them in future updates.