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 Move Outlook Or Outlook Express To Thunderbird

The easiest way to get mail from Outlook or Outlook Express into Thunderbird on your Linux computer is the following:
  1. Install the Windows version of Thunderbird. 
  2. Use Thunderbird's Import selection under the Tools menu, to import your mail and contacts.
  3. Then use the instructions we have provided on how to move the entire Thunderbird account from your Windows computer to your Linux computer.
Mozillazine (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Import_.pst_files) lists several utilities that may help you convert your .pst files (Outlook's proprietary mail box format) into standard mbox file format. Even so, they agree that, "If you're switching to a new PC where you're going to run Thunderbird (instead of Outlook) its recommended you import your messages into Thunderbird before getting rid of (or cannibalizing) your old PC.text"

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